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Why Us

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Why you trust on us

Why Us for You

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The Best Prices

We can confidently claim that we offer the best and most competitive prices in our area. Our staff knows the market well and makes offers according to market rates at any given time

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Easy Pick up

We have a bunch of tow trucks waiting around to take care of the toughest part of this transaction. They will pick your car up from anywhere. We want to encourage a speedy process any way we can.

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Anything Goes

We will take anything off of your hands. The brand/make does not matter, nor does the condition it’s in. Whether it’s functioning or not, if it’s a car and you’re ready to scrap it, we’ve got you.

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We have one of the simplest methods out there. Our staff will walk you through each step and answer any queries until you are satisfied. The car will be picked up and payment made at your doorstep!

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Looking to scrap? Read on

The Efficient Way to Scrap Your Old Car


Share the details and we’ll give you a quote right away

Decide if the offer suits you

If it does, finish booking our service

Someone from our staff will be in touch to decide pick up details

We send you a formal certificate of destruction

Even if your car is not listed, we can help you. Call at 647-220-6286

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Get the best deals!

We Give You Returns on Your Junk Car

If your car has reached the point of no return, why not save what you can? We are not talking in terms of car parts, but in terms of monetary investment and time. Without having to waste time at a multitude of workshops, give us a call and get the best price at your doorstep!

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Dial Our Number

We always answer

Where Are You?

Point us in the right direction

Receive Tow Truck

Our truck will arrive at your door

Get Cash

Get the right price

Bid Farewell

Say goodbye to your car!

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    Call: +1 (647) 542-8575

    Or fill the sections below to get an immediate no-obligations estimate!

    Call: +1 (647) 542-8575

    OR enter your vehicle details below to get an instant no-obligation quote now

    *We will send you a quote via text message or phone call. That quote will be valid for a minimum of 1 week.

    * Your quote and a verification code will be sent to you via text message. Your quote is guaranteed for ten days.